Kati Orav helps people to be masters in thinking, cooperation, and reaching goals. Her mission is to help people rediscover two innate abilities – drawing and imagination – and make them work to their advantage. For that, she teaches and promotes visual facilitation as a tool to find the courage for a simple and fast drawing and sketchnoting. It is her mission, passion, and life calling. Magic of an Imperfect Line is her own brand and approach to visual facilitation because of her own journey. 8 years ago she discovered that she was able to use pen and paper as thinking tools and therefore understood how big is this magic that lies in this courage to draw an imperfect line. Kati believes that creating the right conditions, asking the right questions, and using supportive tools can help people to discover creativity and the potential to make a change. She is also a researcher, focusing on education and visual thinking as a learning approach. Kati believes that a new era and new normal need bold and creative approaches. The ability to draw is equally necessary for thinking alone and in communicating with others.

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